NURSERY TREE WALL DECAL, Birch Trees Bundle of 6, Removable Vinyl Wall Sticker


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Are you a renter or do you need a low commitment way to update your walls? Then, these nursery tree wall decal bundle is perfect for you!

It comes with 6 individual tall trees that can stretch the height of your walls, from floor to ceiling, and make a great impact in your nursery, living room, children's playroom, office, bathroom or anywhere you'd think would look good. These trees can be split up and scattered around to create a forest, or grouped together. It really helps to bring drama and vertically lengthen a small space as it helps to draw the eye upwards.

Its easy application and temporary nature make it a great choice for renters and kids rooms, where a child may outgrow the decor.

Size: ~68"L x ~4" W, with 6 tree decals in total



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