HGTV Magazine August 22 2016

hgtv magazine, anna see, art print

I'm so happy and thrilled to have the honor to be mentioned in HGTV Magazine's Mega Makeovers Issue as one of "52 New Places to Shop"! I've been an avid watcher of HGTV since the late 90's and could never dream that my work would somehow be mentioned in their magazine! A huge thank you to the editors for picking me and a huge thank you to all the wonderful supporters of art!

In other news, I'll sign off with a bit of a tease in that I just struck a major deal to have my work be sold in a MAJOR worldwide retailer - also an impossible dream come true! Doing what I do can be a test is stability, and financial security and sustainability, but it's knowing that in some way, somehow, people are digging the work I'm creating, and that means the world! xoxo