Anna See Apparel, aka Sun, Sand, and Stars Soft Opening April 02 2015

I'm so thrilled to announce a new division to, with "Sun, Sand, and Stars," a unique clothing boutique offering both vintage and new finds at affordable prices for amazing quality and high style. Currently, in soft opening, will offer a wide selection

"For those with discerning good tastes, a carefully selected collection of beautiful bohemian and romantic fashion finds, suitable to take you from the sun and sand, to the stars at night! ~~~Inspired by the ethereal elegance of the Golden Era, Art Deco, The Great Gatsby, Old Hollywood glamour, Romeo and Juliet fairy tale, Art Nouveau, 1920s flapper, effortless beachwear, and gypsy wanderlust, you will look stunning in any of these feminine creations, in delicate lace, silk, satin, chiffon, crepe, georgette, and more, with gorgeous details and trims like tulle, sequins, and embroidery."

I do hope you'll check it out and please sign up for the newsletter, if interested in flash sales, coupons, giveaway, latest arrivals and more: