New to the shop are two more handmade lamps! Now, you can add a unique, one-of-a-kind accent piece (and conversation piece!) to your home! I have made these lampshades carefully by hand, and some of my bestselling images are featured. This functional art is sure to delight any gift recipient and brighten (pun intended) any home. Check them out HERE.


The desert here, can be hard on my skin but all environments can be hard on skin! Do you suffer from dry skin, sensitive skin, or skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis? With winter fast approaching and dry skin season upon us, I am so thrilled to offer this all-natural, handmade soap. If you are picky with products like me, then you can relate to how frustrating it is to use commercial soaps that leave a taut, dry feeling after use and simply does not truly moisturize in a natural way! With continued use of this soap, which contains moisturizing coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter and nourishing goat's milk and exfoliating oatmeal, you will be sure to see an improvement in the quality of your skin and, like me, will never go back to commercial bars again.

I am so proud to offer this Goat's Milk and Shea Butter Soap, that is made from scratch with no GMO's and is proudly Made in the U.S.A! And at only $5 for a 4 oz. bar, you won't have to go broke to do something special for your skin, all while supporting handmade and the American economy!

YAY! Launch! September 04 2013

Thank you so very much for stopping by my little spot on the interwebs! I really appreciate you taking a look and browsing around, if only by accident. Your support means so much to me and I will be sure to reward it in the upcoming days, weeks, months, or however long you let me!

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If you are local or happen to be in the Vegas area, I'll be participating in the Summerlin Art Festival October 12-13, 2013. So mark your calendars! More info can be found here:


See you there! xoxo